Howdy! My name is Axel Kee. I am a software developer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have worked mostly on iOS using Objective-C and Swift. Some of my Mac apps : PDF Page Numberer / Watermarker , Simple Ping Monitor - Mac menu bar app and most recently, Pushever - APNS Push notification tester .

This blog contains my finding towards various questions I have encountered while developing for iOS platform. Most of the post are about iOS and Xcode, with occassional random stuff.

My twitter username is @soulchildpls , feel free to drop me a message!

My email address is .

Auto Layout Help

Can't seem to figure out how to make Auto Layout to display the app layout you want despite spending many days on it?

Wouldn't it be good if someone can help troubleshoot the Auto Layout problem and explain what went wrong to you (so that in the future you are able solve it yourself)?

I am offering Auto Layout consultation service, which I'll look at your project's storyboard / layout code, fix it and explain what went wrong.

Feel free to reach me at and I'll be happy to help.