Howdy! My name is Axel Kee. I am a software developer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have worked mostly on iOS using Objective-C and Swift. Some of my Mac apps : PDF Page Numberer / Watermarker , Simple Ping Monitor - Mac menu bar app and most recently, Pushever - APNS Push notification tester .

This blog contains my finding towards various questions I have encountered while developing for iOS platform. Most of the post are about iOS and Xcode, with occassional random stuff.

Now I am focused on the Shopify ecosystem and write about Shopify store customization on Yagi Software Blog

My twitter username is @soulchildpls , feel free to drop me a message!

My email address is .

If you would like to learn more on Facebook Ads marketing, my friend Javier has a good blog on Triple Blossom